Jo-Ann Compton


My early career in London after university was within the advertising, public relations and later direct marketing agency world. I worked for automotive, financial services clients, translating their objectives and working alongside creative, production and data teams.  Seeing a gap in the recruitment market I set up my own specialist recruitment business in 1997 in London which I ran successfully for 2 decades.  Here I built a small team focused on attracting and selecting candidates as well as generating business within our niche market. I informally coached and mentored both colleagues and our candidates during this time.  In recent years I have worked for an advocacy charity before embarking on formal coaching training. 

Jo-Ann Compton

Why I coach

My interest in career coaching is a continuation of a thread that runs through my professional and personal life.  This relates to my ability to build relationships, listen and interpret other peoples’ needs and support them to craft an individualised solution.  

My interest in coaching young adults while they establish themselves in their careers is a natural extension of my commercial recruitment, search and selection experience where I worked with many young people in their 20’s. I have listened to many stories of people starting, building and changing careers and have supported them with decision making – identifying motivators, articulating values, setting goals and developing plans. My approach to career coaching is pragmatic and I have an understanding of the complexity of shifting career patterns and changing workplace practices.  My experience of advocacy within the charity sector and as a mother of 2 young adults in their 20’s adds a further dimension and depth of understanding to my practice. 


I have recently completed an MA in Coaching and Mentoring at Oxford Brookes Business School. I am an EMCC accredited coach and a CCS accredited career coach. I am a linguist, have a degree in French and a good understanding of Spanish, speak fluent Hungarian and some Hebrew. After my first degree I completed an M.Sc. in Marketing. 


I had been considering a number of different options after university – teaching, law and management consultancy – and felt under pressure to make a choice.  It felt good talking it all through with a neutral party.   Some of the exercises Jo-Ann used made me think a bit more about what really makes me tick.


I found Jo-Ann to be very warm and empathic at a time when my confidence was a bit delicate after being made redundant.  She has supported me to process what has happened and start to gain a fresh perspective…


…career coaching was new to me – I found it difficult to engage with my Manager about career development, was feeling frustrated about my lack of progression and was starting to think about moving companies.  Speaking to Jo-Ann helped me to evaluate the situation objectively and gave me the confidence to open up to my line manager.


Jo-Ann’s coaching was practical and motivational.  She listened with patience and showed a lot of insight into my dilemma about the options available to me after my MBA taking into account my stage in life and long term goals.  I also felt she understood the sector I had worked in which helped.


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