Oxford Coaching Partners

Our mission is to support our clients, to optimise their development so they can flourish


Oxford Coaching Partners are 5 highly experienced coaches from a variety of professional backgrounds including Education, Recruitment, Marketing and Medicine. As graduates of the Oxford Brookes’ Coaching and Mentoring Master’s programme, we provide evidence-based coaching that is grounded in an ethos of compassion, tailor-made to suit you, the client.

We share a passion for client-centred developmental coaching that is evidence based, compassionate and underpinned by our extensive training. As experienced practitioners we offer safe, confidential coaching that is tailored to our clients’ needs. We support each other in our coaching work, supervision and research by sharing best practice. We are committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion through our research and coaching.

Oxford Coaching Partners are here to give you the tools for successful development, now and for the future.

Oxford Coaching Partners Group Photo